• Paul Clark

Big Eddy Whitewater SUP

Paddle boarding whitewater rapids is fun and challenging. It's a sport that has allowed me to redefine myself as an outdoors athlete. I came to it a handful of years ago after many years as an expedition sea kayak guide, ski patroller, long distance hiker.... River SUP was my vehicle to explore multi-day paddling options where I live in Central Oregon.

To paddle on rivers means to learn how to run whitewater. The rapids of Big Eddy outside of Bend, OR has Class II and Class III features. It was where I first went to learn, and it is where I go still today to work on skills and test new ricer SUP product.

I'm honored to have a signature Kialoa paddle, appropriately named the Big Eddy.

Here is a video clip of running the Notch in Big Eddy. Several laps, trial and error, success and crashes..... Stand back up and do it again. I guess that's what the sport is about.

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