• Paul Clark

BAJA: Salt, Stone, and Sand

Updated: Jan 17

Baja’s Sea of Cortez coast. It has been the destination for

adventurers seeking remote desert wilderness. Campers,

fishermen, and paddle sport enthusiasts point south to discover

something a bit more relaxed, something known as Baja time.

With my inflatable SUP board rolled in a pack I flew to Baja

during the winter of 2014 to experience a first of its kind paddle

board expedition. Though I have paddled the entire 1,000-mile coast

twice in a kayak, this was to be my first open water paddle board expedition.

After arriving in San Jose del Cabo, I hitched rides, took buses,

and hiked to Santa Rosalia.

From there I addled over 300 miles south to La Paz. Supplying in Mulege

and Loreto, crossing to islands, and meeting a variety of people along the way.

My dream to stand up on the sea become a reality.

More importantly, I was able to be fairly unburdened by gear while being

self contained and to travel at a pace allowing him to take in the special

place and begin to absorb what is Baja.

For more information visit www.suppaul.com/baja