• Paul Clark

Oak Springs Rapids

Oak Springs rapids on the Deschutes River near Maupin, Oregon is a challenging rapid in most conditions. At 6000cfs, it is particularly challenging, especially on a whitewater paddle board.

A drop far river right leads to a wall of violent water followed by sharp lava rock. Guides call this rapid "Hospital" given how many people fall out of rafts here. I wanted to punch the hole on my board, taking the most aggressive line. Why not?

I thought I could push far right and make the eddy just below the big rock feature. Instead, each attempt saw me crash into the wall of water and get pushed into the massive seam making exit to safety. Finally I decided just to take the far left channel, a cleaner line that doesn't exist at lower water levels.

For those who say I don't post enough crash reels, this one is for you.

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