• Paul Clark

Rogue River SUP

The Rogue River in Oregon is a classic. Fishermen and whitewater enthusiasts have been boating the river for decades. Paddle boarding the Wild & Scenic section with its numerous ClassII-IV rapids is a new form of river adventure. 

I have had the opportunity to paddle it on a board now three separate times. Once as a SUP-support trip with overnight gear tethered to the board. That is my typical way. But the last couple of times it has been raft supported, and I have to say, I like it. 

Raft-support allows for a more casual pace, the ability to explore more rapids, and invite more friends along.

Here is a video clip (Rogue River SUP ) from a recent early Autumn run with my wife Angelique, fellow Hala team rider Covey Baack, and the folks from Sawyer Station based in Gold Hill. Enjoy!

Paul Clark SUPPAUL is the "Duffle Bag Paddle Boarder." Athlete, brand ambassador, photographer, he documents adventure paddle boarding.