• Paul Clark

Rogue River Paddle Boarding

The Rogue is a destination river in southern Oregon. Known for its drift boat fishing and whitewater rafting, adventure paddle boarding is becoming the new thing. From a mellow summer time float in the Shady Cove area, to technical rapids in Gold Hill, to multi-day trips down the Wild and Scenic section, river SUP has a place on the Rogue.

With every swift moving river, if you go, be sure to be outfitted with the right equipment and paddle with experienced locals.

Sawyer Station in Gold Hill is the place to go to talk river SUP, get outfitted, and hit the water with local knowledge. 

Wear shoes, helmet, insulation, PFD, padding, and a signal device (or, what I call S.H.I.P.P.S). 

Have a river ready board and paddle that is designed for river riding.

Focus on a low paddling stance and keep the paddle blade in the water for control and stability. 

Practice the techniques of falling safely on the board and in the water, and practice recovering quickly when in the water.

Check out Covey Baack running Powerhouse Rapids: here

And watch river paddle boarding vidoes on the Rogue and beyond on my site www.suppaul.com.