• Paul Clark

SUP the Rogue

Ti'lomikh Falls (aka Powerhouse Rapids) on the Rogue River

Hala team riders and Native Eye-wear ambassadors Covey Baack and Paul Clark SUPPAUL (that's me) are enjoying a river running project. Both from Oregon, we're focused on promoting river paddle boarding in the state and beyond. Running difficult rapids successfully, exploring different areas, and introducing the sport to others are all part of our plan.

Technology and technique are improving, allowing paddlers to push limits. The innovative nature of Hala inflatable paddle boards is on the leading edge of the sport. Hala's StompBox retractable fin system allows for unencumbered drops like the one featured in the video above. This is "Grandma's Run" in the Powerhouse Rapids outside Gold Hill on the Rogue.

Our stance, paddling strokes, bracing, and vision for success are all working to make the successful run. We are setting up, keeping our momentum, getting into a wide off-set stance, and then dropping with a low brace.

Nugget Falls on the Rogue

Sessioning rapids, running them over and over, lap after lap, gives the time and miles necessary to improve. Getting confidence and building muscle memory are key in running rivers. Anticipating what the board will do in turbulent water and being able to maneuver are necessary. Only time and miles will offer that.

Covey and I are lapping Nugget Falls on the Rogue. It's a ClassIV drop littered with rocks and challenging water. Few paddle boarders have attempted to run this. Success has been limited. In this video, we are giving it our best effort.

Paul Clark, SUPPAUL

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